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Making a Will is Essential, Quick and Easy

Get a Will written from only £15*

(Wills are written for FREE for all Funeral Plan customers)

If you pass away without leaving a will (intestate) you may leave
your estate to someone you do not wish to receive it or
worse – the Government !!

What is included in a Will ?

  • Appoint executors

  • Distribute your residue estate

  • State funeral requests and organ donation preferences

  • Make cash legacies

  • Gift personal possessions and property

  • Gift businesses

  • Gift pets

  • Appoint guardiansfor children under 18

  • Set age of attainment up to 25

  • Make charity gifts

  • Secure will storage and amendment service*

FOUR STEPS to Complete your WILL and Peace of Mind

Step 1    -        FREE Telephone Consultation to Draft Will

Step 2    -        Review Draft Will (will sent by email)

Step 3    -        Request Changes or Confirm Content

Step 4    -        Receive Will in post for Signing & Witnessing

GET Started

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  • Will costs are as follows

  • Single will - £15

  • Mirrored Joint wills £25

  • Wills written FREE for all Funeral Plan customers

  • Wills written for FREE for all Will Storage and Amendment Service customers (see below)

  • Will Storage and Amendment Service

We offer a will storage and amendment service which provides
lifetime will amendments for only £15 per year