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The Rising Cost of Funerals

Wondering how much a funeral costs today? According to the Sun Life Cost of Dying Report 2016, rising cost of funerals from £1,230 in 1997 to around £4,000 today – an increase of over 225%. If funeral costs continue to rise at the same rate we have seen over the past decade, the average funeral will cost almost £5,000 in five years’ time

There are many aspects which go into the rising cost of funerals, which vary depending on ceremony size and personal preferences, including things such as the choice of a coffin – even a simple cardboard coffin can cost around £250 and a wooden coffin could set you back from £700 to £3500 depending on the type. Some options out there even reach a gigantic £10,000.

There are many variable costs in a funeral, including what type of funeral you would prefer. This breakdown from Money Advice Service really illustrates how the cost of a funeral can easily add up. Even the most simple funeral can cost your family a large amount of money;

Direct Cremation – Average Cost £1600

  • No funeral service
  • No viewing of the deceased or farewell ceremony conducted
  • Simple cardboard coffin
  • Takes place at a facility convenient to the provider, not the family.
  • No choice of time, location or date of the cremation.
  • All paperwork to be filled in by the family

Using a Funeral Director

- Average cost for a basic cremation £3214 - Average cost for a basic burial £4136
  • Collection and care of the deceased
  • Paperwork and forms handled
  • A basic coffin and hearse
  • Some offer management of a simple service
  • Does not include an elaborate ceremony

A Pre Paid Funeral Plan GUARANTEES that however long you live, and however expensive a funeral is when you pass away, there will always be sufficient funds to cover all the funeral director’s fees and services.

Rising Funeral Costs - A Growing Concern

The rising cost of a funeral is a growing concern – prices have been steadily rising above inflation for years but in just the past five years funeral costs have increased at more than twice the rate of inflation in the same period.* Meanwhile, average wages have remained stagnant, forcing families into death poverty

There have also been warnings about an approaching funeral time bomb caused by a rising numbers of deaths due to the increasing population of over 65s, which The National Longevity Center projects will rise by 20%. This means there will be much more competition for burial spaces, which can also push prices up.

Funeral costs have been rising way above inflation for over 35 years. Everyday crippling funeral costs are causing grieving families distress, trauma and unmanageable debts”

Heather Kennedy from Fair Funerals

It is essential to make plans to protect your family from the rising costs of funerals when you are gone - one in seven people who have organised a funeral in the past four years admitted it caused them notable financial concern, with the average shortfall standing at £2,334*

40% of people organising a funeral said it cost more than they expected and more than a third of those said it cost a lot more. *

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The Extras Add Up

Even after covering the main cost of a funeral, there are still other expenses to be aware of. For those who made no financial provision or the provision made was not sufficient enough to cover all costs, one in twelve of these had to cut back on or change some of the funeral arrangements that were planned - of these;
  • A third had to cut back on limousines for immediate family
  • A quarter had to cut back on the headstone
  • A quarter made cutbacks to the catering
  • A fifth spent less on flowers than they’d planned
  • 15% had to find a cheaper venue.

To cover these extra costs people either put it on a credit card, took money from their own savings or investments, borrowed money from a friend or relative or took out a loan. Worryingly, one in ten people even had to sell their belongings to cover the costs. *

It is an unfortunate fact that, for many families, budgeting for a funeral by traditional means may no longer be sufficient to cover the cost. With a pre-paid funeral plan you don’t have to worry about putting financial strain on your family after you are gone.

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Benefits of a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

secure funeral solutions right choice Protects your family from future financial strain

secure funeral solutions right choice  Plan details and funeral preferences in advance

secure funeral solutions right choice Less paperwork and administration for your family

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