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Choosing The Music for a Funeral

Planning the music played at your funeral can really capture the essence of the day. Whether you choose more contemporary and modern songs, or traditional classics, creating a funeral playlist can really help those in mourning to celebrate the life you lived. Plus, the journey of choosing the music that you feel resonates the most with your life can actually be a really insightful experience. We’ve compiled a few tips to help you choose the music for your funeral;

Choose music true to you

Funeral services, at their essence, are for the living to remember you by. Choosing something that really represents who you are, and not something you think it ‘suitable’ can really make a difference in the atmosphere you create for the day..

Use music from your childhood

Are there any songs which bring back memories from when you were young? Think back to the first ever record or song you purchased, music that reminds you of family trips, or how about *that* summer anthem you and your friends had on repeat?

Connection with the lyrics

Think back to songs that you really connected to on a personal level - ever thought a song was written just about you? Choosing songs like this will also evoke memories of you for your friends and family at the funeral too.

Something Fun

The best way of bringing laughter to your guests is with a bit of humor - in fact, humorous songs are very popular at funerals, with over 42% of UK adults saying that they ‘want to raise a laugh’ amongst guests at their funeral. Some popular choices include, Queen - Another one bites the dust (1 in 10 people) The Jam - Going Underground (1 in 20) plus AC/DC - Highway to Hell and The Bee Gees - Stayin’ Alive.

Something popular

If you’re really stuck for a song, there is always the popular choice! The Co-op do a yearly survey of funeral directors, polling them about the song choices. Here are the top 10 funeral songs from 2016.

funeral song charts 2016

When is music played at a funeral?

If you opt for a traditional funeral in a crematorium, the ceremony will generally last 30 minutes. Whilst the order can be up to you, the general convention and when the music is played is as follows;

1. Guests arrive – MUSIC
2. Welcome
3. Music/ reading – MUSIC
4. Person’s story
5. Reflection – MUSIC
6. Reading/words
7. Committal (when the curtains close / coffin is lowered ) – MUSIC
8. Guests depart – MUSIC

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